Centre Polyvalent MékonéCampus (Eduquer Motiver Inspirer), Moundou-Tchad

MékonéCampus is a non-profit organization created by a member of Chadian diaspora to educate, motivate and inspire young Chadians. The org manages one community center in Moundou, Chad. The community center has a building with 1 conference room, 1 meeting room, 1 office, 1 reception, toilets and a clean compound area for outdoor activities like theater and music. High school books, national and french specialized newspapers, TV channels are available for free consultation. The center can be rented at a low cost for meetings, workshops and other activities. MékonéCampus encourages youth organizations and all things around technology and entrepreneurship to use the center which can offer them basic material and financial support for the promotion of their activities.

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